Here is the Chance! We launch the Hangzhou Youth Brand Logo and Slogan Collection Competition Project “Tide Gathers for the future, Dream Your Hangzhou” to boost youth-oriented development in Hangzhou. We sincerely invite young people from all walks of life to create Hangzhou Youth IP.



Wherever you are, whatever you do, we invite you to join us and let more young people learn about Hangzhou and Hangzhou Youth. Let us work together to boost youth-oriented development in Hangzhou, let more youthful brilliance gather and bloom, and make Hangzhou a dream city where young people yearn for, have a colorful life, and emotionally belong!



Winner will receive a cash reward of up to 10,000 yuan and certificate.



The winner’s logo and slogan will have the chance to be adopted as the official brand logo or slogan of “Hangzhou Youth”.



“Tide Gathers for the future, Dream Your Hangzhou ”

Calls for logos and slogans for Hangzhou youth brands


Any individual, unit, organization, or social group at home or abroad who loves Hangzhou



Collection: December 20, 2023 – January 18, 2024


Selection: January 19-January 29, 2024


Final result: January 30-February 5, 2024



1. Submissions must contain a logo + a slogan. The Hangzhou youth brand logo and slogan should be based on the image and characteristics of Hangzhou youth groups, be able to clearly present the characteristics of Hangzhou youth, and fully reflect the positive image of Hangzhou youth. The logo design must have a clear theme, be positive, concise and lively, have elegant meaning, be infectious, attractive and appealing, spread positive energy, and be suitable for publicity, application and promotion in various media.

2. 征集作品数量不限,只接受在潮新闻客户端开设的专属征集通道报名,需为电子文件投稿,平面设计、立体设计皆可。每幅作品不小于1M,不超过20M;彩色或黑白作品皆可,提交作品为JPG格式,尺寸为A3纸张大小,分辨率为300dpi。(如果作品入选,应征者需提供源格式文件)。

2. There is no limit to the number of collected works. Only registration through the exclusive collection channel opened on the Tide News is accepted. Submissions must be electronic files, either graphic design or three-dimensional design. Each work should be no smaller than 1M and no more than 20M; both color and black and white works are acceptable. The submitted works should be in JPG format, the size should be A3 paper size, and the resolution should be 300dpi. (If the work is selected, the applicant must provide the source format file).

3. 每幅作品须为logo提供文字说明,主要阐述设计思路、理念和具体含义等(不超过200字),除logo外,应征者还需投稿一句15字以内的口号。

3. Each work must provide a text description for the logo, which mainly explains the design ideas, concepts and specific meanings (< 200 words). In addition to the logo, the applicant must also submit a slogan within 15 words.

4. 严禁侵权,不得含有宗教元素,不得抄袭模仿已有的作品。作者需填写真实姓名和联系方式,参赛作品须为原创且未以任何形式公开发表过,无侵权行为。符合国家法律法规规定和社会主义核心价值观,不违反公序良俗。

4. Infringement is strictly prohibited, no religious elements are allowed, and no plagiarism or imitation of existing works is allowed. The author must fill in his or her real name and contact information. Entries must be original and have not been published in any form, and must not contain infringement. Comply with national laws and regulations and core socialist values, and do not violate public order and good customs.

参赛方式How to participate


Participating users should open an exclusive solicitation channel on the Tide News to submit articles and submit relevant information before deadline. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify submissions without relevant information.



Top prize(1 winner), 10,000 yuan and award certificate


1t prize(1 winner), 5,000 yuan and award certificate


2nd prize(2 winners), 3,000 yuan and a certificate


3rd prize(6 winners), 1,000 yuan and a certificate


Taxes arising from the prize will be paid by the winner.

评选方式Rating Rule


In line with the principle of fairness and justice, experts are invited to rate the works according to their quality, and the scores are selected from high to low. Winners will be announced.


1. 所有设计作品必须保证其原创性,不得剽窃他人作品,并且作品未以任何形式公开发表或展出。凡涉及剽窃、抄袭等侵权行为的,均由设计者本人承担一切责任。

1. Be Original and don’t plagiarize. and the works must not be published or exhibited in any form before. You will be responsible for any infringements involving plagiarism, plagiarism or other infringements.

2. 所有来稿一律不予退回,请自行保留底稿。主办方对全部参赛作品具有免费使用权,同时不承担参赛作品包括(但不限于)著作权、商标权等纠纷而产生的法律责任,如出现上述纠纷,主办单位保留取消其参赛资格及追回奖项的权利,且参赛者应就主办方因此所受全部损失承担赔偿责任。作品一经采用,主办方享有被采用的应征作品唯一的著作权、使用权及版权登记权利,应征作品提供方不再对该应征作品享有任何权利。

2. All submissions will not be returned, please keep the manuscripts yourself. The organizers has the right to use all works for free, and does not assume any legal liability arising from disputes over the entries including (but not limited to) copyright, trademark rights, etc. If the above disputes arise, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the entries and recover the prizes rights, and the contestants shall be liable for all losses suffered by the organizer. Once a work is adopted, the organizer shall have the sole copyright, use rights and copyright registration rights of the adopted work, and the provider of the submitted work will no longer have any rights to the submitted work.

3. 获奖作品不作为杭州青年品牌LOGO和口号唯一采纳标准。

3. The winning entries will not be used as the only criteria for adoption of Hangzhou Youth Brand LOGO and slogans.

4. 凡报名参赛者,均视为已同意以上声明所有规定,请严格遵守。

4. All registered contestants are deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of the above statement, please strictly abide by them.

5. 潮新闻客户端对本次征集活动具有最终解释权。

5. Tide News has the final right to interpret this solicitation.





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